Hi all, just a quick one, Shiv and i are getting onto Riders of Icuras
i see that the webpage has a new name, interesting
look at myu cool avatar?
don't roar at me, its a shout box, not a roar box.
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mattlask   added 180 Ultimate days to <Zero Tolerance Corp>
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Shivago JoeHello everybody, boy o boy what a exciting last couple of weeks have been. Lot's of activity on the alliance front. Currently we have shifted our membership to an Oceanic guild labeled "RealOCE" a large oceanic based guild that wants to expand into NA. They have entrusted this process to Xios and Myself. If you are reading this message you are eligible to join us. WE would absolutely love to have you there with us. PM me here for information on hooking up with us in RealOCE!!
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Shivago JoeWelcome all new players coming to check us out. Please register yourself. We are very happy to have you here.
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